Meet Camille...

"Although, I can’t remember not loving art, I had no formal training and am primarily self taught. After an interesting conversation with a very intuitive lady, who told me I should paint; I called Steve Grey, a well known artist in my new hometown of Wichita Falls, TX and signed up for a series of classes. He encouraged me to study the art of abstract. From there, I took a class of watercolor with David Band and spent many years improving my technique. I attended watercolor workshops in New Mexico with both Judi Betts and Cathy Lubke. After I moved to my ranch in Dawson, Texas, I joined a group in Dallas which later splintered off into a smaller group know as The Flea’s Ear. It was while working with the group led by Nancy Marabella, that I began developing my style, which in the beginning, was a form of storytelling using pictures and symbols. My ongoing theme has been studying the sacred through angels, goddesses, cathedrals, portals and nature as seen through a woman’s eyes or heart. For many years I used watercolor as my medium . I started with oil and returned to oil when I began painting with Saladino, but, now, I love the ease of acrylic paints. They can be used as watercolor on paper and undiluted on canvas, which suits me well for my style of painting.

Tony Saladino taught me to see my world and express it in still life and landscape. Now, I paint landscape and still life when it speaks to me personally. I paint the female figure because it is familiar and combine it with the abstract to allow symbols, division of space and shape to express a feeling or idea.

While living at my ranch, I started the Dos Equis School of Art and had the privilege of working with Chula Ross Sanchez, Kay Polk, Bill Herring, Kris Love, Fredericka Blumenfeld John Guthrie, Tony Saladino and Nancy Marabello. The school was successful but, short lived and I eventually closed the school, sold the ranch and moved to Houston where I now reside with my dog, Henry and a very self willed cat named Katie.”